Lost Data

Following a lightning strike, a desktop computer connected to a surge-protected extension lead, failed to boot up. Although the computer power supply had an illuminated power-on light, its fan was dead. Having connected the 1tb Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX hard drive to another working machine running Windows 10 via a mains-powered USB enclosure, it was not shown in File Explorer or Disk Management. Initially, the drive was totally inert. Fitting a pcb from an identical working model drive made the motor run but still no display in FS and DM. It may be optimistic to hope that the drive can be restored to working order but, if not, recovery of the contents is essential.

Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510Y)

I had a fault with my computer (“blue screen of death”) and it got stuck in an “automatic repair loop”. I took it to my local PC repair shop (in the UK) and they diagnosed it as a hard drive problem – see this post “Critical data lost” (http://frankcanon.blogbaker.com/2017/05/12/critical-data-lost. They said it looked like there was physical damage (knocked or dropped) to the hard drive and that they could not access the data. They recommended using a data recovery service to try and recover lost files. It is a 1tb Toshiba HDD and I’d be looking to mainly recover Microsoft Office documents, pictures, videos, music files and music production files. I can go into more detail when necessary (folder names, specific files etc) but is it possible to be given a price quote?

A few weeks ago, I dropped my external hard drive from about chair height to a tile floor. Although it should have been alarming, regrettably, I had dropped the external before and thought nothing of it. This time, when I attempted to mount the drive, it made a horrible skipping sound, like a record scratching. I immediately disconnected it from my computer and have not touched it since. It has taken me a few weeks to investigate repair as I needed to save money for the service. Annoyingly for me, at the time I dropped the drive, I had just spent £400 on another company when the drive was accidentally erased. They guaranteed a “no data, no fee” service, but insisted I pay even though they were not able to recover data I requested. My drive is a Seagate Backup Portable Plus Drive that is 1TB. The model number is SRD00F1. Could you please tell me the cost of this service and an estimate of its success?

My external Hard Drive is not recognized my laptop anymore

I have a LG G4 phone that is boot looping and wont charge. I don’t really care about getting the phone back but I have lots of photos of my new born son on the phone that I would like to retrieve. Do you think this would be possible at all, and something you guys could do?

Seagate ST500DM002 Barracuda 500gb P/N 18D142-500 Firmaware KC45 Date Code 14143 Site Code WU DOM 09/2013 Made in China

Phone screen is dead, when i do get it to charge screen stays blank. Have tried connecting it to computer but it does not show up. Only data i would really like to get off the phone are the photos.

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