Problem of ICD-10 Causing Trouble

It is not digital transcription schools who are scamming. The problem is ICD-10 has been postponed again! Until 2017. This is the second time and this time implementation is way down the road. The problem is not whether ICD-10 is good or not. The question is what will happen to medical records spending with Obama Care an unknown quantity and our government being short of money to pay for so many projects, such as ICD-10.

As we’ve heard so many times – this leads to uncertainty. With so much uncertainty in health care, why try to fix something which isn’t broken? ICD-9 worked for years. Digital transcription has worked for years. Why change if it isn’t broken? Is it crony capitalism again? Is it lobbying by software companies? We don’t know! We are all uncertain.

How much has to do with Obama Care? Who knows! The reason medical coding training is deceptive now is all of the uncertainties and how it affects employer’s decisions. Our guess is everyone will stand as stationary as possible until …. Good grief …. Who knows when?

This leads to our original question – Is medical coding training a scam? Also, why would a company hire someone trained in ICD-10 which is now an unknown quantity? ICD-10 may not exist in the future. This sounds like another huge goof up. Don’t spend your money and effort on training of this kind until the dust settles. When will the dust settle? It depends on government spending – and that means – Who Knows! Only then will you know what the government will decide upon. Why the government? Because Medicare is the 800 gorilla and it calls the shots.

No one spends money and effort on an unknown.

Recently Medical Coding ICD-10 implementation was delayed and moved into the future approximately two years. We will continue to operate with ICD-9. This is the second delay of implantation and this delay is for at least two years.

We are also awaiting a decision by the US Supreme Court on the legality of Obama Care. If the court rules in favor of Obama Care, we still have an election this year and a Republican President and House would not agree to fund or carry through on the program. This creates extreme uncertainty in healthcare. We don’t know if there will be any changes. Everything may stay as it is, especially with our government being almost broke. Why spend money on something which isn’t broken?

It makes one wonder if ICD-10 will ever be put in place as it is written. Who would pay for an education in ICD-10 with a risk like that? I know I wouldn’t.

We received this email marketing newsletter from a reader. This school will remain nameless because we don’t have a firm date for the advertisement, but it is recent. Is it any wonder they are offering a special on medical coding training? If you were the manager of a healthcare facility would you hire someone trained in ICD-10 if your company doesn’t use it now and may never use it?

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